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Through the years pt.1

Published by in Veterans on May 23rd, 2019

Our Memorial sign has been a part of Paxton for 30 yrs. now and I feel certan it will be here for another 30 yrs. or more. Though the sign was originally made to honor our veterans, it was upgraded in 2009 to honor all our service men and women from the military as well as Police , Fire and Rescue. Our small way of showing our appreciaiton for all that these folks do for us each and every day.

Recently the sign has gotten another facelift. We installed New post and wood as well as new rope and flag. But firstwe had to Take the ssign panels down to get the old posts out and that was quite a job.







We had to get creative as well as do some cutting.

Next we had to get new posts and wood and get them all cut, drilled, and painted.

Now began the task of putting everything back together, and once again Denny kingren was there to help along with a few others.

And after quite an ordeal we got it finished just in time for Memeorial Day. In addition to Denny Kingren,  Thank you  to Heidi Mathews, Patricia Donohue and J. Wray for theirr help throughout the project.


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