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Memorial Sign upgrades

After nearly 30 years, the Sign post s finally gave out and had to be replaced. We took sign completeley down and put in 2 new 4×4 posts and added some additional concrete. We also replaced the cross members with new wood and supports. I am happy to have this done in time for Memorial Day

I would like to thank Heidi Mathews for her help in thaking the sign down, Patricia Donohue for helping set the new posts and assisting in putting it back together, J. Wray who stopped what he was doing to help get the top piece set and everything tightened. And Special thanks to Denny Kingren who helped get the main panel in and helped with many ideas along the way. Denny and his fatther originally buit this sign back in 1991, and Denny has helped out many times over the past 30 years.

Thank you all for your help

and Thank you to all our Service Men and Women in all branches of the military as well as Police, Fire, and rescue

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