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The Womens Club and The Vet’s Memorial

Our Memorial sign is a tribute to all the men and women who serve and have served our nation and communities. It was originally dedicated in 1991 by the Womens Club of Paxton. In the midst of Operation Desert Storm The Women club decided a there was a need for a Memrial to honor all our nations Veterans. The nenbers made and sold over 1200 small patriotic label pins for fifty cents each, and with donations from individuals and other organizations were able to raise $3000.00 for the sign. With this money and the help of many volunteers The Memorial sign, lighting, and a 30ft. flag pole were installedat the sane location where it is tohis day. The land was originally donated by the Pizza man restuarant ( Now Monicals).  Because the flag was and is flown everyday in all types of weather it must be changed every couple of months. The flags were paid for by the Womens club and changed when needed by members of the American Legion. In 1992 and 1993 bushes and perinnials were added.

The womens club has done many other wonderful things for our community through the years and continues thise efforts to day. In 1984 the club restored the Gazebo at Glen cemetery. The Gazebo was origanally built in 1895. In 1991 the Club promoted a project to plant 25 new Maple, Linden, and Redbud trees to relace the many trees that had been lot since the cemetary wasa first laid out in 1876. This project was to serve as a living symbol of rememberance for the former residents and families buried in Glen cemetery.

In the early 1970’s in the Club accepted the challenge to “Light the Bridges” on the “cut out” that connect the east andwest side of town. This projecy coast more than $6000.00.

In 1967 The Club took on the major project of rrestoring the pavillion in Pells park. If the Women had not stepped up, the pavillion was likey  to be tore down. This major renovation cost over $10,000.00.which was raised with thehelp of other civic organizations and personal donations.  We all love this pavillion and it get “ALOT” of use year after year. Later in 1973, the Club solicited donations of sand, brick, mortor and shingles to redo the lunch stand at Pells park. Another wonderful gift from the Womens club. Thes are jus a few of the many things that the Womens Clubs has done over years.

As the new caretakers of tthe Memorial sign we are honored to pick up the torch and do our part to keep the legacy alive. To all the members of the Womens club then and now THANK YOU………


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