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Happy Birthday America

Happy birthday America, another year of proving to the world that this is indeed the greatest nation on earth. So lets all take some time out to reflect and share with our children just exactly what this celebration is all about. Let us remeber that this is the day that our fore-fathers offically declared their independence from Britian. Independence from tyranny, independence to set a new government dedicated to its citizens, dedicated to new freedoms and guarantees to insure those freedoms remained untouched by tyrants.  A new nation separate from the church where people were free from religion and the persecution that was everywhere at the time. Freedom to worship as they pleased without fear o fpersecution from the church or government.

Freedom of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. A just nation with just laws for everyone.  A nation where one has the right to free speeech with out fear .These are but a few of the many freedoms and rghts we now have and enjoy. Thanks to our fore fathers and the many men and women who fought for those freedoms from the very beginning of our nation.

Happy Birthday America, may you enjoy many, many more,,,,,


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