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Veterans Day 2019

Published by in Veterans on November 11th, 2019

Thank you to all our Veterans. Your service to our country is GREATLY APPRECIATED,

Today is a day to Honor our Veterans past and present. A day we set aside as a Nation to say Thank you to the many Men and Women who serveand have servedĀ  in our Armed Forces. This is a great thing and I think we could be doing alot more for our Vets. Countless Vets are homeless, and many vets still struggle to get proper health care for injuries (physical as well as emotional) they got defending our country. They deserve much MUCH more. So please enjoy this day and reach out to those vets in your family and social circle and let them know that you appreciate them. And if your not already actively involved PLEASE GET INVOLVED….. There are many ways you can help through the many wonderful organizations out thereĀ  You can also write your political leaders and let them know that Vets derserve quality health care and they should not be living on the streets…. It is up to all of us to change this. Below is a just a few links and there are many more people out there helping our Veterans.

A History of Veterans Day HERE

Some facts about Vetrans Day HERE

Some wonderful organizations

The D.A.V.

Disabled Veterans.org

Wounded Warrior Project



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