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Houston Plumbing vs The BIG STORES

Published by in Local Shops on July 25th, 2011

Here is another example of how traveling to Champaign or elsewhere to shop IS NOT A BETTER DEAL. We needed a toilet for a bathroom project and decided that we were going to check local FIRST.  We went to Houston’s Plumbing on Market St. and the first thing to you’ll notice is the FRIENDLY SERVICE.

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Shopping Local IS BETTER

Published by in Local Shops on June 29th, 2011

Kirchners Building Supplies vs Lowes … I try to shop local as much as possible, but when I have alot of things to get I FOOLISHLY thought that going to Champaign would save us some $$$$$$.  Lowes did not Have the selections KIRCHNERS DID, Lowes did not have it in stock (3-4 weeks to order)

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Humpday Reminders

Brush pick up, If you haven’t done so there may still be time to get your brush picked up. Crews are working on the East side of town. If you’re not sure if they have been by your place or not you can call city hall for info, 379-4022 IGA Cookout– The ever popular Rib

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