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Shopping Local IS BETTER

Published by in Local Shops on June 29th, 2011

Kirchners Building Supplies vs Lowes … I try to shop local as much as possible, but when I have alot of things to get I FOOLISHLY thought that going to Champaign would save us some $$$$$$.  Lowes did not Have the selections KIRCHNERS DID, Lowes did not have it in stock (3-4 weeks to order) KIRCHNERS DID.  In addition to this finding sales staff was indeeed a JOKE without a punchline.

Now,  lets also concider Mileage.  It would take most of us would 2-4 gallons of gasoline roundtrip =$14 + that nasty Champaign sales taxe of arould 7%. so if we were to spend $200 it would cost us $28 and 3 hours of our day.

But here is the real  deal the folks at Kirchners go out of their way to help you figure things out. They are friendly and they load the stuff if you need it. In addition we pay less for city tax and that money goes to help “OUR COMMUNITY”


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