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Humpday Reminders & Updates

Support our Veterans and Servicemen/women

To all the Men and Women out there serving our country and to All our Veterans THANK YOU!!!

Event Reminders:

PBL Food Pantry Rummage Sale: April 7th, 8th, & 9th
Call 217-379-9128 for further details

Paxton Church Of Christ Clothing Drive: All items are Free April 8th & 9th 400 W Ottawa                                    Starts at  Friday 9:00 am-4pm  Sat 9-12 noon Check out their website HERE

The IGA Cookout is offering up  Butterfly Pork Chops & other tasty goodies.

“Oh Yea” This weeks event proceeds go to the…

Westminster Church’s short term missions on the Cherokee reservation in Cherokee N.C. This year they will, also, be  doing a seniors mininstry and construction projects for families in need. The projects will include Fixing decks roofs, siding, windows, etc where needed. You can call for more info 217-379-2017 or you can visit their website HERE

See our New Church Listing for Paxton here

It’s Garden Time: It’s getting warmer and more and more folks are outside working in their gardens. If you are a Serious gardener or just beginning   to get interested in gardening, you can get loads of help from

The Master Gardeners at the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners Ford-Iroquois Unit in Onarga. Just call 815-268-4051. They also have a demonstration garden at Onarga and there will be Master Gardeners there to talk to. You can also visit the Master Gardeners webpage to find out more HERE

Site Updates:

New survey: Do you shop locally?? See the surveyhere

Website additions: We’ve begun adding some of the  local Churches here. in addition to the Community Organizations we hope to  get added soon
A few more local businesses have been added to Local Shops.

Veterans & First Responders Sign

For those who have noticed the missing flag out at the Vet Sign in front of Monical’s, here is the latest update.

The old truck pulley system & halyard are completely worn out; in response we have ordered a new truck pulley system & halyard.

Though we have a 3’x5′ U.S. flag on hand, we will be purchasing a 4’x6′ U.S. flag for the pole at the Vet Sign. In addition, we will be adding a 3’x5′ POW/MIA flag to the flag display.

Sometime this spring or summer, we will be working on the landscaping around the flag and freshening up the sign itself.

To all the Men and Women out there serving our country and to All our Veterans  THANK YOU

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