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Forever Chemicals

Well as if we havent had enough drama and bad news in the last 2 years, there is yet another emerging crsis that affects all of us

Im talking about “PFAS” or “Forever chemicals”. They are refered to as forever cheicals because they do not break down in the enviorment nor the human body . They basially last “forever”. These cheicals are linked to many cancers and limited findings show that PFAS are also related to low infant birth weights, effects on the immune system, thyroid hormone disruption. It has also been shown that the chemicals have been linked to reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney and immunological effects in laboratory animals, and have caused tumors and increased cholesterol levels.

And it seems to become worse with each new scientific study….

As if all this wasnt enough, it turns out that this problem is “National” and probably gobal as well.

No, this isnt a local small chemical spill or an accidental spill contaminaing the land and water of a small local area. This problem is massive. These chemicals have been found in the soil, water supply, food products, food stotage containers and even fast food wrappings. These chemicals are used to make waterproof clothing, water repellant carpet, non stick cookware, and firefighting foam used in towns all aross the country. And “yes” it can get worse and it did. Turns out that many farmers were using “Industrial sludge” to fertilize their farm land. This contaminated the crops and the chemicals leeched into the water supply. and state governmets allowed this to happen.

In the last 3 months alone we have seen reports from

Maine, Delaware, NJ,Wisconsin,Michigan, Iowa, Kentucky, dealing with contamination from these various “forever chemicals” Solving this problem is complicated but much is being done by many States to address this issue, And there are some things you can do as wel to limit your exposure to these chemicals. In the meantime you can get more info from the CDC and EPA



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