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City Council Meeting

Tonite the city council had their first meeting of the new year and as always it was right to business. Though there wasn’t to much on the agenda Here are some highlites:Ald. Bruens, and Julie Burgess discussed the ongoing efforts to get a Debit/Credit card machine so the Water dept. can offer this payment option to residents. Cost and Security are the two Major factors. They are also still working on getting the new Water meters.Ald. Wolfe talked about the research being done to get flashing signs at the School crosswalk on Rt. 45 & E. Center. They are looking at several options including using Solar panels and different on/off switches. There will a committee meeting to discuss this further.Ald. Goben and police Chief Bane Pointed out that the City now needs to propose and adopt an Ordinance that establishes “Hiring standards” for Part time Police officers. Read More HERE .Chief Bane also shared the Happy ending involving the 2 young runaways that were found safe in Ohio this week. This was truly a Happy Ending and a relief to so many worried folks.Ald. Garrell got an estimate for a new gas tank and installation to replace  the airport Gas pump. ( this is used by several city depts. ) The council approved this. You can read the fuull story HERERandy Swan pointed out the need to have separate storage for the chemicals being storaged at the Maintenance shed. He is going to construct a 20×30 area specifically for the hazardess materials. The money is in the budget and approval was given to begin framing out the structure. These were the main issues covered tonite I hope I got everything If there is anything I missed please let me know and I will update it.

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