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Turbine Turmoil (whats your opinion)

Tonite the Ford County Board approved the application of  E.on Climate & Renewables  150-megawatt Pioneer Trail Wind Farm.The vote was 9-3 in favor. There are so many issues surrounding this wind farm that  I  dont where to begin & feel it best to address them seperately.  Things such as Property Values Declining,  Enviormental concerns, long term impact (s), health/safety concerns & Economic/Tax benefits or lack (thereof) are but a few of the Very Important issues and I strongly  encourage everyone including our elected officials to get  ALL the facts and to work to impose a moratorium until every aspect of this is fully explored. We wiil do our best to provide as much info as possible and to provide space for  opinions on both sides….Check out yourtown2.com for more.

3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    I was excited at first when I heard about the possibility of the wind turbines being built in our area. However, after doing some research I really don’t like the idea. Mostly due to the fact that I don’t see any benefit coming to Paxton. I’m sure the company building them will be bringing in their own employees so no local jobs for our residents, environmentally I know I don’t want to be in my backyard enjoying a fire and seeing all the turbines. Plus just what will be our tax benefit? From what I have heard, there isn’t going to be much coming into our town. I think Ford County needs to do what Iriqouis County did and bring up a moritorium on wind turbines!

  2. Medwyn says:

    I like the fact that we are looking into alternate energy resources; however I do not want a landscape overcrowded by what looks like gigantantic fans.I, also, do not like the fact that the energy harvested from these new-age windmills is not being directly sent into the local power grid for our consumption. Instead it is being sent to large cities like Chicago at a premium rate. The windmills in my back yard should be there for the use of my neighborhood not some place over a hundred miles away.I am not an engineer, but Chicago is definitely a windy city; our highly paid engineers can figure out how to build modified windmills directly onto the high-rises in Chicago and send that harvested energy directly into Chicago’s power grid.

  3. Jamie says:

    Honestly,dont you think the benefits outweigh the risks ? Cell phones are supposed to be dangerous, every other food item is supposed to be dangerous. As for property values, they are already in a slump, maybe this will actually help by spurring some economic growth. The tax revenue alone will help to insure that the county is not forced to do any more cutbacks/layoffs that will at least prevent further unemployed and may even help reverse the situation.

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