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Houston Plumbing vs The BIG STORES

Published by in Local Shops on July 25th, 2011

Here is another example of how traveling to Champaign or elsewhere to shop IS NOT A BETTER DEAL. We needed a toilet for a bathroom project and decided that we were going to check local FIRST.  We went to Houston’s Plumbing on Market St. and the first thing to you’ll notice is the FRIENDLY SERVICE. The selection seemed small but fact is they can order anything that isn’t in the store( Oh don’t be fooled Lowe’s will have to order it too ). Now for the PRICE COMPARISON. LOWES CHEAPEST IS CURRENTLY $79 plus tax (which is MUCH HIGHER in Champaign ) and the seat is Garbage  ( you can read the review at lowes.com )But even if you don’t opt for the new seat lets talk GASOLINE… I am sure it takes at least 2gallons of gas each way  so 4 gal x $3.60 so add $14.20  to the $80 toilet and now you have a $ 94 toilet ( plus that tax ). Fact is I got the new toilet for $119 saved 2-3 hours  in travel time and was able to talk to a sales rep that was friendly, courteous, and  KNEW what she was talking about. Try getting that at lowes or the other BIG STORES…..Theres also the QUALITY ISSUE. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Shopping local helps Our community…..

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