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Happy Fourth of July

Hope everyone stay safe for the holiday and as always Remeber what today is all about. The very freedoms we hold dear, the freedoms that set us apart from other nations, these are the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. Freedom is a wonderful thing, and it must be protected and cherished. Happy 4th

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Forever Chemicals

Well as if we havent had enough drama and bad news in the last 2 years, there is yet another emerging crsis that affects all of us Im talking about “PFAS” or “Forever chemicals”. They are refered to as forever cheicals because they do not break down in the enviorment nor the human body .

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Coronavirus info

This new strain of the coronavirus has all of spooked to some degree or another. We have provided 2 links so you can get more info and stay uptodate in the coming weeks. As for SAFETY FACTS, as with all flus, and flu like viruses, the main way to protect yourself and your loved ones

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In Memory of Robert Bane

Retired police chief Robert Bane passed away last Sunday. Our deepest sympathies to his family and friends, he was a great man and will be missed. He had a long career in law enforcement, with many jobs as patrolman in several towns and finally he came to work here in Paxton. He was a patrolman

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Happy Birthday America

Happy birthday America, another year of proving to the world that this is indeed the greatest nation on earth. So lets all take some time out to reflect and share with our children just exactly what this celebration is all about. Let us remeber that this is the day that our fore-fathers offically declared their

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The Womens Club and The Vet’s Memorial

Our Memorial sign is a tribute to all the men and women who serve and have served our nation and communities. It was originally dedicated in 1991 by the Womens Club of Paxton. In the midst of Operation Desert Storm The Women club decided a there was a need for a Memrial to honor all

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