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22 Tons of Recycling in Paxton

Thanks to our recycling center there will be 22 tons LESS garbage at the landfill. The Recycling program in Paxton is a joint effort between the City of Paxton and Central Illinoins Disposal & Recycling. The City has a contract with CIDR for the Hauling of the Recyclables and Pays the salary of Joe Spinalli ( 2 Great Investments ) CIDR supplies the building,  collects, separate,s stores, and ultimately hauls the recyclables to a larger recycling/processing center.

From  Mayor Ingold: The city just paid $1561.70 for the trucking of recyclables to Central Illinois Disposal and Recycling (Gene May) this was for 22.31 tons from 3/16/2010 to 3/31/2011 this is per the city’s agreement with G May.  G May furnishes the building and stores the items and once a year, hauls to a re-cycling center.also, the city pays the salary of Mr Spinelli at the recycling center.

Bill Ingold

So, Who;s recycling??? Wow seems like everyone. Me, all my neighbors,  IGA,  Johnson & Johnson Insurance, Signs & Designs, Paxton Hardware & Matt Fitton to name but a few. So how can you get started?  The center is located at 1190 N. Market St, in Paxton. ( just north of Redi-mix )

The hours are Tuesday & Thursday 8 am-Noon,  Friday 1pm-3pm, Saturday 10am-Noon You can also get curbside/home pick up. For more information stop by or you can call Central Illinois Disposal at 217-379-3309

To find out more on Environmental Issues Check out our Going Green page Here Maybe this year we can get to 23 tons

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